Friday, February 10, 2017

When Don Santo asks you to download the information from the web, he is asking you to unpack the world of colonization. He knows that in order to deceive the users he needs to copy the aesthetics and the style of major institutions and of colonization.[1] Because the answer to decolonization must come from the parafiction world “…like a paramedic as opposed to a medical doctor, a parafiction is related to but not quite a member of the category of fiction…it remains a bit outside…but has one foot in the field of the real.”[2] It is in the parafiction world where Don Santo can find the camouflage that he needs in order to avoid the referees and the colonizers' surveillance.

[1] Lambert-Beatty, Carrie. "Make-Believe : Parafiction and Plausibility." October 129 (2009): 51-84.
  , 60.
[2] Ibid., 54.

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